Ministry  Philosophy.

We have three main philosophies as a school.  Number one is to be humble, faithful and teachable. We believe that these are the leadership qualities most sought after and that they keep the student in a place to receive from instructors and the Lord. The second philosophy is that this is a school of discovery. As the school year unfolds, the student will recognised the gifts inside themselves and have confidence in the call. They will receive confirmation without someone telling them what to do. The third philosophy is that all true ministries come from the overflow of a personal relationship with Christ. Even if students realise they are not called into full time ministry, they still have been equipped to be a blessing and servant in their local church. We do believe in spiritual fathering for those students who graduate and pursue full - time ministry. This means the gift will make opportunity for you. When this happens, we license the individual for a one - year trial. After that, if the ministry is fruitful, we will ordain the individual. These are optional and not given because of graduating from school. Every case is looked at individually.

Academic Objectives

1.    To gain a knowledge of the contents of the Bible
2.    To gain skill in exerting the Scriptures.
3.    To gain a knowledge of Biblically based systematic theology and Biblical theology and to develop skill in thinking theologically.
4.    To gain an awareness of contemporary moral and ethical issues and problems and how the Bible relates to them.
5.    To gain a knowledge of the Biblical basis for Pastoral Education and Chaplaincy, educational, and missionary ministries and develop skills in these areas.
6.    To develop skill of Communicating the Bible expositionally in preaching and teaching.

Spiritual Objectives.

1.    To grow in personal fellowship and loving oneness with God.
2.    To obtain a firm commitment to the final authority and inerrancy of the Bible.
3.    To develop habits and obedience and faithful participation in Church life.  To develop compassion for the lost and a firm commitment to World-Wide evangelisation.
4.    To develop in our students a thrill for continued learning.

Ministry Mandates
Along with our belief statement, we as a ministry have been given 5 simple mandates from God to fulfil. These are as follows:

   Mandate 1: 
We are called to establish the fullness of the kingdom of God within this region, the Third-World, and the nations of the world. This Kingdom of god is universal, composed not of one denomination, but the entire Body of Christ, as those who are called out to take their proper position. The Kingdom of God is the primary focus and value to which all decisions shall be made.

    Mandate 2:
We are called to establish and to raise the next generation of leaders by spiritual fathering and spiritual impartation. This is to be done by equipping for success, training for impact, releasing to function, and the realisation of destiny. The ultimate goal is to send trained people to establish apostolic ministry with kingdom focus throughout the word.

    Mandate 3:
We are called to the nations to ascertain the fullness of Revelatory Truth to see its effects manifest, changing the course of ethnic groups, governments, and bringing transformation to cities, regions, and nations.

    Mandate 4:
We are called to be forerunners and model an Apostolic Resource Centre much like the Antioch model found in the book of Acts. Our primary resource is people, with other types of resources second. This model will have prophetic influence, apostolic structure, and Spiritual liberty and flow.

    Mandate 5:
We are called to establish the government of the kingdom of God within this Region and to form life-long alliance with those who have faith, passion and motivation to see the kingdom come. The Ecclesia (church) is to rule within the kingdom. We are to assist the members of the Ecclesia to take their proper positions, by establishing apostolic government to properly equip them, and release them into ministry. This five-fold government will function in five areas as proclaimed by the "Word of the Lord".
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