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The Institution admits students regardless of race, colour, and national or ethnic origin, and grants all rights, privileges, programmes and activities generally accorded or made available to all other students at WOVITHSEM.
Further, WOVITHSEM does not discriminate based on race, colour, gender and national or ethnic origin, nor handicap in the administration of its educational and other policies, admissions, disciplinary actions, scholarship, athletic and other school - administered programmes.


This seminary is  opened to all who are Spiritually called or inclined to enter the gospel ministry as
Missionaries, Pastors, Evangelists, Bible Lecturers, Deacons/Deaconess or Lay Workers in the local Churches.

An intending student must have a genuine born - again Christian experience, sanctified and baptised in the Holy Ghost, upholding the fundamental doctrines of the full gospel Churches.

(1)    Prospective Students must have the School Certificate (WASC) - With Credits in at least
five subjects including English, obtained at not more than two sittings.

(2)    The General Certificate of Education (GCE) O'level in at least five subjects, including English, obtained at not more than two sittings.

(3)    The Teachers' Grade II Certificate with Credit/Merit in at least five subjects, including English, obtained at not more than two sittings.

(4)    Other Certificate recognised as of equal value for entry to Nigerian Universities/Colleges of Education are acceptable subject to approval in each case by the Seminary.  Special considerations may be given to some applicants upon recommendation by the Board of Governors or the Rector.  The time has passed when untrained ministers will be fit for the Ministry.  It is very dangerous.

School Life
Come Prepared
You need to come prepared to receive and not lose anything. You will need to take notes for the future. If you have a laptop computer you can bring it to class and take notes on it. Computers will be set up in one area of the room only. If you have a tap recorder you may also tape classes, if desired. Be organised as handouts will be given!

Students  are expected to be on time for classes. If for some reason you cannot make class or are going to be late, you are expected to call in before class time starts. Lecturers can count you absent for the classes if you are consistently late. Too many days missed without making them up will disqualify you for graduation. You will be responsible to make up any assignments you have missed. The school consists of more than the knowledge given out; there is also an impartation you will receive. If you miss classes, you miss out on the anointing which is something you cannot make up.
Church attendance is a must during the school year. Students are encouraged to be actively involved in the School chapel. The only reason for this is the benefit of having additional input and opportunity to minister in the same atmosphere the school was birthed out of.

Class Conduct
Students are to maintain a teachable spirit and atmosphere for learning. Questions are to be asked after the class. Class discussion is limited to lecturer's direction. Students will not be allowed to have a confrontational or antagonistic attitude. Any attitude displayed will be openly and publicly addressed. There will be no food or drinks allowed in class. These may be consumed only before class or during breaks.

Dress may be casual. Blue jeans will be allowed, no cut or torn jeans, however. No hats or revealing clothing are allowed. No nose rings or piercing will be allowed at any time. We realise that many students may need to leave directly from school to a job. They can dress for work, but only if the clothing is clean and suitable for class. A student wearing any clothing considered inappropriate will be asked privately to dress differently. Repeat violators will be suspended.

The tuition at World Vision Theological Seminary is very low in comparison to the education given. Tuition is due prior the start of the school year. Because of planning, purchasing books, and supplies, all tuition is non-refundable. This means that if you decide to drop from school, or are expelled for some reason,you will not receive any type of refund for the remainder of the year. We feel if you are serious about ministry, you will make sure you are not in a place to jeopardised your position in finishing the school year.

Lecturers and Staff
Lecturers have the right to enforce any or all rules at any time. This is a school of higher learning and lecturers and staff will be addressed with respect and honour due those who have laboured in the Word. Students are to address as Dr., Rev., Evangelist, Pastor, or as Mr.,Mrs., if that is their title.  

Tardiness and Absence
All classes will start on time. 5-minute breaks will be between classes. Students are expected to be in their seats and ready at the time class starts. Excuses for being sick have to be called in. If a students has an appointment during school hours. The school needs notified in advance. All work to be made up is the student's responsibility. Be aware from our pass experience that what is generally missed in class, the student will probably experience the need for, later on in the year. This seems to be God's pattern in this school. 11 days absent, and not made up will disqualify the student for graduation.

Classes will start on time. Students are expected to take good notes during each class. Notes should be in an orderly fashion and easy for others to follow. Laptops and tape recorders can be used in classes. Students are to maintain a teachable spirit and atmosphere for learning. Questions are to be asked at the end or after the class. Class discussion is limited to the Lecturer's direction. We are not interested in your opinions unless asked. Talking in class will not be tolerated. Please raise your hand before speaking.

Future Classes
All graduating students are given the opportunity to come to any class World Vision Theological Seminary offers at no charge. Student who graduate are encouraged to become actively involved in ministry in their local church. Students desiring to advance their education can do so by taking advanced course if qualified,or additional correspondence classes.

Opposite Sex Conduct
We are not to allow anything, or do any action that would cause a brother to stumble. The word of God is also clear: 1 Thess. 5:22 Abstain from all appearance of evil. This means to stay away from anything that could appear or imply to be something ungodly or  immoral, or lead to false conclusions. It is not just the evil, but the very appearance that we have to safe guard against. We need to examine the situations that come along and be on our guard.
This is a precaution that God has put into the ministry to avoid temptations that would cause us to fall. While in the church or class with someone of the opposite sex, be sure the door to the you are in remains open. Hugging is to be done in a manner that would not be taken as offensive or looked upon as sexual in nature. Sometimes during ministry people need to be hugged or even held. This is  to be done only if the person is receptive to it and only for the time needed. We are to be above reproach. We need to realised there is a difference between being used by the Lord under the anointing to bring acceptance or healing, and our own decision to enter into an improper situation. As a future minister,you much realise the number one fall by ministers is sexual in nature. Be aware the devil knows our weakness and will bring distractions into our part. We need to have discernment and taking precautions. Remember that, when we say we will not fall, or that will not happen to me, we are self-deceived and in a place to fall the furthest. I repeat again: 1 Thess. 5:22 Abstain from all appearance of evil.

Alcohol and tobacco
Alcohol, tobacco, or controlled substances will not be tolerated. If any student is suspected of using any of these, they will be brought in for immediate confrontation. If a student is found using these, it will result in a 2-week  suspension and failing grade on all tests during that time. A second violation will result in immediate expulsion. The administration reserves he right to expel a student on first violation if it deems fitting.

Community Outreach
Students will be able to help in impacting and reaching the community in different ways, as outreaches into the community are done through the year. Students are encouraged to find outlets of ministry in the community while attending the school. In addition to sponsored events, the ministry runs a christian bookstore, The storehouse. The bookstore is strictly a resource centre,which serves the ministry as well as the community and surrounding areas.