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Dear Former WOVITHSEM student:

Everyone is welcome to join the WOVITHSEM Alumni & Friends Association. Whether you are a graduating senior, a former member from years past, an instructor, an administrator, a parent or a business and industry partner, there will always be a role for you in WOVITHSEM Alumni & Friends Association.

Why Join?
The WOVITHSEM Alumni & Friends Association builds lifelong relationships between alumni and their alma mater and works to make WOVITHSEM  a strong academic institution possible. The WOVITHSEM Alumni & Friends Association exists to serve and sustain the WOVITHSEM alumni network.
Your ability to connect with your alumni network is one of your most valuable assetóright up there with your certificate from WOVITHSEM.

Ultimately, a strong alumni network enhances the value of a WOVITHSEM Certificate. 

Join your fellow alumni and become a member today!
To join the WOVITHSEM Alumni & Friends Association,  kindly forward your;
Name, Contact Address, Phone, Year of graduation from WOVITHSEM, and a little brief profile about yourself. Alumni are requested to e-mail a scanned photo of their graduating class.
These photos will also be posted on the web site at a later date. We would be interested in hearing from and about other alumni and use our website as a contact place as well as an update site on alumni movements.

Send email to

Thank You!