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Who profits from the programme?

"    Those who want to receive a Bible education and be more effective for serving God.
"    Those that have had some training and want to continue but cannot leave their field of employment and return to school.
"    Those who have graduated from other schools, who wish additional degrees, may profit from World Vision's programme.

What Courses are offered Through Distance-Learning?

All courses and programmes listed in this catalogue may be taken through the Distance-Learning study programme unless otherwise noted.

Does World Vision allow Monthly Payments?

Yes, World Vision asks that all students pay their tuition in full at the time of enrolment and offers a 10% discount to those who enrol by paying in full. However, if the student needs to pay by instalments, he/she may pay the specified down payment at the time of enrolment and the balance in 10 equal monthly payments. Additional charges include textbooks, shipping and handling, a mandatory graduation fee and other applicable fees.

Does World Vision Offer classrooms Studies?

Yes, World Vision offers classroom studies which are conducted in Fridays and Saturdays, allowing the students an opportunity to have week days jobs while earning a Theological education.

Will World Vision Accept Credit from other Colleges and Seminaries?

Yes, World Vision will accept credits by evaluation on an individual basis.

Can a Minister get Credit for Practical Experience?

Pastors and full-time Christian workers apply for life experience credit by submitting an application to that effect. The following are requirements for life experience credit.

"    Have as much as 10 years in full-time ministry to receive up to 32 hours towards a Bachelor's degree.
"    No life experience credit can be applied towards a Masters or Doctoral degree.
"    Cost for life experience credit is $30.00 per credit hour.
"    No degree will be issued at any level until the student has completed the minimum required hours equivalent to one year's work at the level.

When May I Enrol?

If the applicant desires to study by our Distance-Learning programme, he/she may enrol at any time of the year regardless of the programme. Should the student desire to attend our On-Site classes, please refer to the school calendar for designated dates.

Can I use Federal Grants?

World Vision Schools are established strictly for the purpose of religious education. We do not prepare our students for secular roles or education. We do not receive government funds or grants as such. World Vision provides its own scholarship system on a limited basis or relies upon the support of churches and individuals who choose to provide tuition support for specific students.

Can I transfer credits from a certificate programme?

Certificate programmes typically provide for continuing education requirements in certain fields of study, but are not typically transferable for college level credits. However, in certain limited situations, some certificates may be considered for evaluation in the first two years of study. Request must be made at the initial enrolment and evaluated by the registrar. No certificate programmes will be considered for the Bachelor, masters, or Doctoral levels of study.